Towards Aware and No-Harm Investing with Marco Vangelisti – December 10th

Slow Money Vermont, a Task Force of the Farm to Plate Network, presents “Towards Aware and No-Harm Investing with Marco Vangelisti” on December 10th from 4pm-7pm.  In this online workshop, Marco Vangelisti will help you gain an understanding of the importance of moving towards aware and no-harm investing, and the options and tools available to do so. You will be introduced to an important new dimension to investing – the aware dimension – and to the importance of impact and regenerative investing in bringing about a healthier future. You will be introduced to additional resources about due diligence, local investing, and opportunities to learn more on the subject.  During this interactive 3-hour workshop you will get to personally connect the rest of the attendees and the opportunity to create a community of practice.