Sustainability Story: Remy Tenney

Hey there! I have spent a lot of my life close to nature, and now I try my best to get others to be just as enthusiastic about preserving it. A lot of my time growing up was in the woods. For many years I lived across the road from a State Park. There were walking trails winding around my home, used by others mainly in the winter. I used to go on journeys with my brother and father where we would go orienteering and geocaching. As such, I travel faster when going off the trails, but I try my best to stick to them anyways. I also spent time with animals, especially on trail walks with dogs or horses.

Champlain College has taught me a lot about sustainability and the environment. I work to spread these developments that allow us all to have a better relationship with nature. Becoming an Eco-Rep has allowed me to gain more knowledge and experience in these different subjects, also opening up more opportunities to share these findings with my classmates and friends.

Written by Remy Tenney, April 2023