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Volunteering Opportunity: Stowe Story Labs

Volunteer for Stowe Story Labs at their Vermont Film + Music Festival! By way of background, Stowe Story Labs’ mission is to bring films and live music representing diverse voices, new and rising artists, and critically acclaimed and established artists to rural and central Vermont, where audiences can revel in the art, meet the artists, and […]

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Sustainability Story: Simone Lerner

From a very young age, sustainability and green living have been very important parts of my life. In 2004, I was born and so was my father’s non-profit organization, FRESH New London. My father founded the organization and both my parents worked for FRESH in efforts to provide food security and community gardens for our […]

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Sustainability Story: Mackenzie Leonard

I began to be passionate about sustainability and environmental issues throughout middle school when we started doing projects about energy and reusing, this is where I learned a lot about what we have been doing to the planet. I have always loved sea creatures and am very interested in learning about how to prevent pollution […]

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