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Sustainability Story: Simone Lerner

From a very young age, sustainability and green living have been very important parts of my life. In 2004, I was born and so was my father’s non-profit organization, FRESH New London. My father founded the organization and both my parents worked for FRESH in efforts to provide food security and community gardens for our […]

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Sustainability Story: Mackenzie Leonard

I began to be passionate about sustainability and environmental issues throughout middle school when we started doing projects about energy and reusing, this is where I learned a lot about what we have been doing to the planet. I have always loved sea creatures and am very interested in learning about how to prevent pollution […]

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Sustainability Story: Ellie Klaessig

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was surrounded by the gorgeous ocean scenery and national parks, which gave me the appreciation for ecological conservation that I have today. I am incredibly passionate about marine conservation especially, as I directly witnessed the effects of sea star wasting syndrome on the inlet I lived in. I […]

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