Deadline Extended to Dec 3: Apply to Apis Fund for Pollinator Research and Conservation

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Apply Now to Apis Fund – application deadline extended to December 3, 2020

The Gund Institute for Environment at UVM invites proposals for the Apis Fund, which supports research and conservation of vital bee pollinators.

Apis Fund proposals can address research or conservation of pollinators, including such topics as ecology, economics, cultural importance, management, training, outreach or collaboration.

The proposal deadline has been extended to December 3, 2020. Awards can range from $2,000 to $5,000. We anticipate funding 2 to 5 projects this year.

The Apis Fund catalyzes projects that support wild and managed bee pollinators, which are essential for the world’s food supply and agriculture, but experiencing steep declines from climate change, disease, pesticides, and habitat loss.

Named after the scientific name for honeybees, the Apis Fund supports efforts by Vermont-based organizations in North America, Central America, and exchanges and collaborations between these regions.

The fund was established with $500K anonymous gift to the Gund Institute, which has led internationally recognized research on bees and other pollinators, including the first map of U.S. bee declines, how bees improve crop yields, the impacts of climate change on bees, and Vermont bumblebee declines. 

Learn more and submit proposals via the Apis Fund webpage.


Taylor Ricketts
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Gund Professor, Rubenstein School 
University of Vermont


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The Gund Institute for Environment
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