Climate and Racial Justice in 2020 and Beyond – Harvard Student Climate Conference Presents: Climate and Racial Justice in 2020 and beyond – Nov. 21

We wanted to share an upcoming event that might be of interest. You need to have an email address that ends in “.edu” to register for the event.

The Harvard Student Climate Conference presents: Climate and Racial Justice in 2020 and beyond. This critical conversation on climate and racial justice will feature two leaders in the field: Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley for MA-07 and Autumn Peltier a Canadian-Youth Water Activist. The discussion will be moderated by Rosanna Xia, Pulitzer Finalist for Environmental Journalism at the Los Angeles Times. This event will take place on Saturday, the 21st of Nov. from 12 to 1 p.m EST. Sign up for the event here:


Leah Ricci
Associate Director, Sustainability and Energy Management
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