Webinar on Implementing Zero Waste on Campuses and in Businesses, 9/24/20

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Implementing Zero Waste on Campuses and in Businesses

Webinar September 24, 9 -11 am PDT / 12 -2 pm EDT

Adopting a formal Zero Waste goal and action plan is a watershed moment for a large organization’s waste reduction program. They mark the point where a university, corporate or other type of large institution sets a course moving beyond a simple waste management program toward a sustainable materials management system rooted in the circular economy. Of course goals and a plan are just the starting point. The next challenge is to implement them.

This webinar will feature a panel of speakers from universities and corporations at different stages of implementing Zero Waste plans. The program will start with an introduction to each institution’s Zero Waste planning to date, followed by a roundtable discussion on the various challenges and opportunities each has faced along the way. 


  • Alec Cooley, Busch Systems and NRC Board (Moderator)
  • Mary Curtiss, HP
  • Danner Doud-Martin, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
  • Julie Muir, Stanford University
  • Kaity Robbins, Boston University
  • Sue Beets-Atkinson, SBM

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