Student involvement with BLUE – summer internships

Position Summary

Salix Solutions would like to invite up to 2 interns this season to assist the BLUE® stormwater mitigation program with marketing, property evaluations, stormwater plan design, and data management.

Responsibilities & Required Skills

Duties will involve:

▪ The creation of marketing materials: This includes identifying a target audience, communicating water quality information as appropriate to the selected audience, creating an aesthetically compelling format to catch, keep, and engage the attention of the reader.

▪ Assisting stormwater consultants during property evaluations. This includes, but may not be limited to:
Recording homeowner interviews
Capturing reference photos
Conducting simple soil tests
Measuring flow rates of household fixtures
Conducting landscape surveys

▪ Assisting in the creation of stormwater mitigation plans. This involves working with the consultant on compiling suggestions to appropriately mitigate stormwater to the degree possible given the parameters of the property. This typically involves considering green stormwater infrastructure options given soil type, slope, etc. identifying the size installation needed, and depicting suggestions for the landowner to consider.

▪ Data management: record keeping and data compilation such that program achievements are depicted in subsets appropriate for dissemination.

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