Masters in Emergent Media speaker this Wednesday 11/7

Hello all, 
I’d like to invite you to join us this Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 5:45 pm in the CCM Gallery Lounge for a talk with Jane Adams, Data Artist with the Complex Systems Center at the University of Vermont.
Visualizing Complexity
How do we make sense of data sets that are so large they don’t fit on a single computer? At the interdisciplinary Complex Systems Center within the University of Vermont, data scientists use a supercomputer to process massive amounts of information. Data visualization artist Jane Adams works at the intersection of art and science: She pairs with researchers to build interactive, exploratory graphics to better understand localized phenomena and macro trends in complex systems, ranging from financial markets and healthcare communities, to ecosystems and social networks. A Champlain College alumna, Jane shares her story, from a BFA in Graphic Design & Digital Media to an MFA in Emergent Media, and some working strategies she employs in her curious quest to visualize complex systems. 
Hope to see you there!