Do you know a civic-minded student videographer?

Student Employee Job Description JD# 561 MAR

Supervisor: Sandy Yusen

Department: Strategic Communications

Position Type: Federal Work-Study __X___ Part-Time Student Employment _____

Job #: 561 MAR

Job Level: 2

Pay Rate: $10.70

Standard Job Title:  Student Employee Level 2

Posted Job Title: Videographer

Description: Filming Ward 6 and community events using Channel 17 equipment – for broadcast on Channel 17 Community Access television.

Required Qualifications: Knowledge of video production equipment a plus, but not required. The right candidate will be trained by Channel 17 staff. Strong communications skills a must – neighborhood relations are very important and can be delicate.  Must be able to work independently. Candidate must be available the first Thursday of every month, between 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. from September through June.

How to Apply: Interested applicants should email Sandy Yusen — with an attached resume.  This position needs to be filled quickly.

Contact Information: Sandy Yusen

163 South Willard Street, P.O. Box 670

Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont 05402

Approximate Hours per Week: Maximum 4 hours a month. Includes evening hours.

Shifts Available:

Job Location:

I’m sharing this opportunity at the request of Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO).  In past years, we have had a Champlain work study student film the Ward 6 Neighborhood Planning meetings, which take place the first Thursday of each month from 7-9PM. The meetings are aired on Channel 17.
CEDO is again in need of a filmer for the Ward 6 NPAs, and potentially other NPAs around Burlington.  The Ward 6 NPA meetings take place at the Greek Orthodox Church at 600 South Willard Street, and other NPAs meet in various locations around town, so a car or bike is helpful.  All meetings take place weekday evenings.
Do you know of any film/broadcast students who are interested in civic engagement/public meetings who might be interested in this role?  In addition to filming the NPA meetings, there is the potential of the following:
  • Training by Channel 17 on video basics, equipment use and video editing
  • Visibility to discussions and issues facing BTV
  • Potential for an expanded communications role with CEDO (ie. through a paid internship)
Here is last year’s job description (needs updating but gives you a sense of the role):
And here is CEDO’s job description, which has more detail:
Thanks for considering!