Anti-Panel Discussion: What is an Artist’s Responsibility During Dark Times? 11/15

Intrepid Champions and Champions of the Young:

This Thursday evening, November 15, from 6:00-7:30 P.M. in the beautiful Skyloft of the CCM building, we will be holding our first Anti-Panel discussion of the year. Here’s how it will work:
1. There will be no privileged panelists; instead, thirty or so chairs will be placed in a circle where students, faculty-types, and extended-community friends can sit, elbow to elbow, and exchange words in a clunky democratic fashion.
2. We’re going to communally read “Posterity” by Bertolt Brecht as a warm-up.
3. Then, we will start with the following question: What is the responsibility of an artist during dark times? And we won’t quit until everyone who wants to speak has spoken, or until the entire brontosaurus rolls over, remembering that metaphors are our friends.
4. Visual artist and professor Toni-Lee Sangastiano will be there; filmmaker and professor John Rasmussen will be there; cellist, novelist, and publisher Marc Estrin will be there; photographer and publisher Donna Bister will be there; poet, headmaster, and creative non-fiction writer Tal Birdsey will be there.
Now, how about you? We’re waving you in. Absolutely everyone is very cordially invited to join us for an evening of storming the barricades.
“Can you hear the people sing?”
In the Bonds,