Electric Vehicle Incentives & Charging Station now in MIC and soon to be Lakeside

Do you own an all-electric vehicle (EV)?
If not, you should go out and buy one right now to access amazing deals. Green Mountain Power along with Freedom Nissan, are offering its customers (not Burlington) $10,000 off MSRP for the all electric Nissan Leaf. Coupled with $7,500 federal rebate, you can save almost 60% ($17,500) off the $30,000 Leaf MSRP. A brand new fully electric car for less than $15,000!! If a Burlington resident, Burlington Electric Department offers a $1,200 rebate on ANY electricvehicle too so can be added to the $17,500 if getting the Leaf. HUGE!
Lack of workplace charging is a large barrier to EV ownership which we at Champlain Transportation want to help overcome. So…to help fuel that brand new EVChamplain installed its first official on-campus Level 2 Electric VehicleCharging Station in MIC last Spring:
  • With that new (or current) EV, feel free to park in one of the two spaces in MIC (and soon to be Lakeside)
  • Meter payment NOT required while charging…another incentive to buy an electric vehicle!
  • Charging does cost approx $1.14 per hour for the electricity though.
  • Remember there is a 4 hour time limit per day in that lot.
  • These spaces are ONLY for electric vehicles WHILE charging at the kiosk. Once an EV has completed charging, it should be moved so that there is space for another EV to charge. The kiosk will send you a reminder via text or email when your car is fully charged.
  • Go to Chargepoint to make a free account and get a free smart card. The smart phone app also makes it super easy to just start a charge when you arrive at the space without the need for a card. You can have this kiosk set up as your ‘favorite’.
If you park at the Miller Center @ Lakeside lot, keep in mind:
  • There are 4 FREE EV charging station spaces just over the road at 128 Lakeside Ave (the Innovation Center) and
  • More at BED at 585 Pine St (including a fast charge Level 3).
  • See all current Chargepoint EV charging locations on this map.
  • We are also in the process of installing a double charging station in our 175 Lakeside Avenue lot too this Fall.
We hope you enjoy it and hope that it may help you to seriously consider purchasing an EV