Fall Transportation Update

Your fall transportation update is as follows:

  1. Parking Permits will be available to order on August 2nd at champlain.thepermitstore.com.
  2. The free Zone 1 permit (for Lakeside and Metered Lots) and Disabled permits are now valid for a full year! No need to re-order for Spring. All other permits will remain “per semester” at this time.
  3. We have added a NEW Zone 3 parking lot at our new residence hall at 158 South Willard St (accessed from Main St, just downhill from 371 Main St residence hall) which has 9 regular spaces. This is like all other Zone 3 locations and limited to Zone 3 permit holders between 8am-4pm. It will be open to any other permit holder after 4pm until 8am and on weekends.
  4. Skiff Hall lot is being converted to a “metered lot” to add another short term parking option for those that need it “at the bottom of the campus”. This lot will have a 2 hour maximum per day and can be used the same as MIC and Summit Hall lots.
  5. Starting August 28th it will now be possible to pay for parking in the metered lots using the mobile app Parkmobile (or add time remotely too!). This the same system both UVM and the City of Burlington use. The details:
    1. There is a 35c fee per transaction that you would pay to use the app for parking (in addition to the $1 per hour). No receipt will need to be displayed, just your Champlain parking permit sticker.
    2. Cash and credit are still accepted at the meter too (which do not have the extra fee). For this method, the meter receipt will still need to be displayed, along with your Champlain parking permit sticker,
    3. All other details remain the same such as: $1 per hour, a maximum of 4 hours per day and no residential students (including Spinner) between 8am-4pm.
  6. There are now Electric Vehicle charging stations at MIC and soon to be 175 Lakeside Ave, using the Chargepoint system. See the details here.
  7. A reminder that the Spinner Place shuttle runs all day, every 15 minutes and ALL EMPLOYEES are welcome to use the buses for commuting purposes or informing guests that are coming to Champlain from the Winooski area that they are more than welcome to use the shuttle service too. No ID is needed to ride the shuttles. FYI…We have ceased our lease and shuttle operation to Bayberry Commons thanks to our new res hall at 158 S.Willard.
  8. Reminder that your ID card provides FREE bus rides on the City Buses through GMT, anytime, anywhere. If you have feedback on where or when buses SHOULD go, please participate in GMT’s Next Gen planning process now http://ridegmt.com/survey/
  9. Those that wish to apply for a Spinner Place or Zone 5 parking permit (North House, 396 Main St and Boardman Hall) have a new step in the process:
    1. Complete THIS application form ASAP (make sure to be logged into your Champlain email and be fully logged out of any other gmail accounts)
    2. We will inform you via your Champlain email address of the outcome within one week (possibly less).
    3. If approved, we will load the Spinner Place or Zone 5 parking permit option into champlain.thepermitstore.com on or after August 2nd for you to order like usual.
    4. The parking permit sticker takes about two weeks to come in the mail. Make sure to have an accurate address in the permit store where you will be able to receive it. You can print a temp permit on the last screen of the order to display on your dash while the permit is in the mail.
  10. Keep in mind that Champlain Students and Employees are not considered to be members of “the public” for parking purposes. Between 8am-4pm, there is no street parking permitted unless you are displaying the Zone 3 or 4 permit sticker. After 4pm, those with any Champlain permit are welcome to use the street locations around campus and our unrestricted lots.