Welcome to The Good Stuff…Plastics Edition. The political landscape changed enormously in the last week, but despite the significant challenges ahead, opportunities to address pressing environmental threats continue to exist as well.

So let’s take a look plastic pollution…or rather, let’s look at all the smart, talented people all over the planet coming together to grow Solutions!

Growing Solutions

We are incredibly honored to have helped launch a global movement to tackle plastic pollution. Here’s the scoop:

Photo of Break Free From Plastic Meeting in Tagaytay, Philippines


The Global Movement to Break Free From Plastic…And Story of Stuff’s Role

All Quiet on the Set

Community members like you provided the financial support we needed; now we’re (just about) ready to deliver…
Art by Bonnie Monteleone Depicting Plastic Pollution in th Ocean

The Tiniest Huge Problem The Story of Stuff Project has Ever Tackled

Changing the Story

When superstorms strike, water bottlers like Nestlé are quick to claim the role of hero. But these same companies are a big part of the problem:
Photo of Water Bottling Factory


Following a Flood, Water Bottlers Stepped in as Saviors. It’s Time to Flip Their Script.