Climate Action Opportunity for Students: the national Project Green Challenge – Sign up by 10/1

We have an awesome opportunity for your sustainable campus. It’s called Project Green Challenge! PGC informs, inspires, and mobilizes high school, college and grad students around climate action, social justice, public health and advocacy. Our 12th annual interactive, digital, global program will engage thousands of young people from 40 states and 60 countries (and counting!) over 30 days this October, adding to over 320,000 students from all 50 states and 164 nations who have participated to date. 

Will you invite your students to sign up for PGC? 

Who signs up? Students from all walks of life and academic majors interested in taking action for a more healthy and just future.

Why should they sign up? To learn, grow as leaders and activists, connect with global peers, and gain the opportunity to win daily prizes, a free trip to San Francisco, and, if selected as a finalist, a shot at a $5K Green Award.   

What do students do for the 30 days of PGC? They become educated and empowered through daily challenges that focus on environmental and social justice themes from food to waste, water to wellness, and more, while building skill sets, networks and know-how.

Where does it all happen? with new content and deliverables accessible every 24 hours from your computer, tablet or phone for 30 days. 

How to get involved? Sign up today and get the first challenge delivered to your inbox on October 1st. Follow @TurningGreenOrg on social media for more details.

It’s time for next gen voices to be heard — because we are the ones living the impacts of climate change who will build a healthy, just, and resilient future. We look forward to having students from Champlain College participate in Project Green Challenge. Please reach out with any questions, ideas, or needs for copy or visuals (flyer is attached) to prompt students to sign up and become agents of change

Onwards together!

With gratitude and hope,

Will, on behalf of Team PGC 
Will Funk (He/Him)

Turning Green Fellow