Looking for a Software Development Manager in Energy Management

Hello – 

I have been the Director of R&D at Omnidian for a month now as a remote employee and am even more excited than when I was hired after digging into the company’s industry positioning, culture and opportunity to have environmental impact.  

I am trying to find a Software Development Manager that has coded (or understands architecture well) and wants to get into the climate fight.  Please feel free to pass this email along to anyone who may be interested.  There are other positions such as Director of Data Management (work with me directly) and Software Developers open and listed on Omnidian’s career page.

This is an opportunity to work with some very experienced developers who share company core values of diversity, trust, investing in employees and respect.  The SDM will have the opportunity to hire a team of developers to build the next-generation IoT Platform for Distributed Energy Resources such as Solar, Batteries and EV charging stations.  

Details below – Omnidian is definitely a company to apply to even if all the boxes are not checked.  

The Job
The role of every engineering manager at Omnidian is to guide and enable career growth, lead and support teams in delivering high-quality software that creates business value for the company, and develop a sustainable and fulfilling work environment. The job requires: solid technical skills, a desire to help people grow, teamwork, independent thinking, strong communication skills, self-motivation, and a desire to learn. As part of a small team in a technology-backed startup, there is lots of opportunity for major impact.

What You’ll Do
– Work with domain experts, customers, and leadership to gain a deep understanding of the broad context
– Work with business leaders to understand our business model, and how we leverage technology for business impact
– Spend regular time with your team, to guide their career development and to foster a healthy workplace environment
– Proactively make opportunities that enable your team’s learning and career advancement
– Create a healthy and sustainable work environment
– Collaborate with stakeholders across many different functions
– Lead your team to deliver business-impacting technology
– Set and collaborate on engineering priorities
– Set an example for others on respect and dignity in the workplace
– Be responsible for your own impact
– Contribute to every stage in the software development life cycle
–  Effectively work in a remote environment (our Seattle office is currently very limited and trying to make BTV a hub)

Who You Are
– You want to grow careers and deliver software that results in business impact
– You are able to new learn new concepts, tools, and technologies quickly
– You enjoy a dynamic and collaborative environment
– You are committed to excellence and integrity
– You demonstrate respect and dignity for all people at all times
– You are able to work with others to deliver quality software in a timely manner
– You have a growth-oriented mindset
– You can work effectively when given a clear goal, figuring out the details as needed

Experience with any of the following technologies is a plus, but not required:
– Full-stack development
– Distributed/parallel computing
– Asynchronous message processing
– Service-oriented architecture
– AWS (or equivalent)
– Java or Kotlin
– JavaScript or Typescript
– React with Redux
– Time-series data

About Omnidian
Omnidian is building a more sustainable future for the planet. We assure that IoT-enabled distributed energy assets perform at their best through our passionate teams, our innovative technology, and by creating an amazing customer experience. We’re a well-funded, growth-stage company offering the potential for enormous impact, both on our products and on the world.

This is a key hire and amazing opportunity so I have reached out to you directly.  


AJ Rossman
Managing Director / Chief Citizen Scientist
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