Join us to demand climate action Friday 11/12!!

Hi there!
My name is Lily, I am the Climate and Energy Fellow from VPIRG – the state’s largest environmental advocacy group. 
Right now, I am helping support the VT Youth Lobby in their climate organizing efforts! While I was a student at UVM, I was one of the organizers on the VT Climate Congress in 2019 where 141 students from 44 schools from across Vermont unanimously passed the Young Vermonters United Climate Declaration and it was delivered to policymakers in January 2020. What was really cool about that event was that there were middle, high school, college and law students there.
This Friday, November 12 from 12pm to 1 pm– on the last day of COP26 – Vermont Youth Lobby and students from across the state are holding a press conference at the State House to tell Vermont leaders to implement the change they demanded years ago at the Vermont Youth Climate Congress. We are trying to gather as many students as possible to protest outside of the State House while the press conference is taking place. As of right now there are 5 students speaking, and if anyone were really interested in speaking we could definitely work on making that happen!
It would be so great if any of you were able to attend. I know that this is during class time for a lot of people, but we are hoping that people skip class, as that makes even more of a statement, kind of like Fridays for the Future. We are just hoping to have as many students as possible present at the State House this Friday and would love if you attended – and feel free to bring friends!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Lily Seward
VPIRG Climate and Energy Fellow
(267) 777-1181