Indigenous Peoples Week – Nov 15 – 19

I am pleased to invite you to a week of events planned by the students in my Environmental Justice class and sponsored by the Student Experience Grant. The events will take place the week of November 15th, with speakers/presentations in Alumni Auditorium in the mornings and hands-on activities in the afternoons in Fireside Lounge. 
As of now we have scheduled:

-Mon 11/15 – Vera Sheehan –  will speak on Indigenous Waterways, show a recent documentary that she made and lead an activity on making fishing nets from 9:45 – 12:15 in Alumni Auditorium. She may also do another hands-on activity in the afternoon.  

-Tue 11/16 – Chief Don Stevens – 10-11:30 keynote about Indigenous Culture, History and Vermont policy.  Don is an alumni of Champlain and is an excellent storyteller

-Thur 11/18 – Melody Brook Walker – 10 – 11:30 Storytelling Presentation – the 7 Generations – and will potentially lead an activity in the afternoon.  Melody is a former employee of Champlain.

Vera Sheehan has also indicated that there are several other artists that are interested in coming to lead activities in the afternoons.  
As we enter into the Thanksgiving holiday season, we request that you consider bringing your classes to these events, offering extra credit for students to attend, and encouraging the entire Champlain community to participate as a means to explore a more accurate and complete history and understanding of Vermont, its land and original peoples.  We hope this is a first step in building stronger relationships and collaborations with Abenaki communities.
More detailed information will be coming soon.  Please reach out with questions and thoughts.

Valerie Esposito, Ph.D.(she/her pronouns)
Director & Associate Professor, Environmental Studies & Policy Program
Champlain College
163 South Willard Street
Burlington, VT 05402-0670
(802) 383-6674