Vermont Youth Launch into Climate Justice – Sept. 25

I am reaching out to invite you to The Youth Launch into Climate Justice event on September 25th from 11:00am- 2:00pm at the VT State House. The Youth Launch into Climate Justice will match young people with the resources and connections we need to make a difference in the state and the world.

The event will be focused on actions that we can take right now to make a difference, the education we need to advocate, and the connections to each other that are vital for this work, this event will start what hopes to be a school year of unprecedented action.

I am hopeful to see you there and reconnect at the State House on September 25th form 11:00am-2:00pm. Join us and bring your friends for food, fun, connections, and actions!

Feel free to visit the website and RSVP at or on Facebook


Lily Seward

VPIRG Climate and Energy Fellow


(267) 777-1181