We are tabling to collect basic supplies for VT CARES to distribute on their Mobile Harm Reduction van while they reach out to vulnerable VT’ers. They seek: shampoo(travel size), body wash(travel size), combs, tooth brushes, toothpaste(travel size), razors, shaving cream(travel size), feminine hygiene products (pads and tampons) deodorant, and lotion (travel size).

We will be in IDX. Faculty contact: tfoerg@champlain.edu

Tuesday MARCH 23rd 1:00-2:00,
Wednesday MARCH 24th 11:00-1:00
Thursday MARCH 25th 11:00-1:00

Good morning,

I am writing this on behalf of a group of students in Champlain’s Survey of Community Agencies’ class working with a local organization Vermont CARES. In scanning the many local organizations we could get involved in, a lot of us gravitated towards Vermont CARES specifically based on the grand work they do for our community. From the beginning and their originating date, Vermont CARES has provided services to the positive HIV community of Vermont. They assist clients in any way that helps them maintain their health and focus on their treatment. Vermont CARES also provides case management services to Vermonters in many different areas of the state. This can include housing support and assistance, transportation assistance for appointments, medical advocacy, substance abuse support, referrals to specialized services in Vermont, and much more. They even offer free HIV testing across the state! 

With so much ground to cover in one organization, we were all eager to help. In the group’s initial meeting with Vermont CARES Associate Director, Theresa Venzina, and their Harm Reduction Coordinator, Martina Anderson, we spoke to them about the organization’s mission, their programming and needs, and harm reduction in practice as an act of human dignity and compassion. Through this initial meeting we learned that their biggest halt currently was due to their need for basic hygiene products. This we can help with right now!

As a group, we have come up with a game plan in assisting both effectively and efficiently. We have set up boxes to gather basic hygiene supplies in different locations on campus. We have also taken it upon ourselves to do some tabling to reach more of the Champlain community. We will have tables to collect and talk set up on Tuesday 23rd 1:00-2:00, Wednesday 24th 11:00-1:00, and Thursday 25th 11:00-1:00. 

We are happy to get whatever we can collect and whatever you can give! For a short list of examples we would be delighted to accept; shampoo, body wash, combs, tooth brushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene products (pads and tampons,) deodorant, and lotion. Anything helps!

Thank you for your time and interest. 

Vermont CARES Champlain Action Team