Digital Artists/Social Media/Website Design Campaign Student Fellowships

The Change the Chamber campaign <> is taking action on the influence of Dark Money on our political system. The
US Chamber of Commerce is the largest trade association in the US, but due
to its legal status as a 501(c)6 it can take money anonymously from donors
and member corporations, and then funnel it into any political campaign or
lobby on the hill. The US Chamber has spent over one BILLION dollars
lobbying in the last 20 years (excluding support for political campaigns).

Change the Chamber is a social media campaign breaking down the ability
of member corporations to lobby against climate legislation and fund
climate denying politicians without the knowledge of the public. Our team
of researchers have found incredible amounts of information that major
corporations don’t want floating around, and now we need creative students with experience in content creation to help share our message.

To assist with the Change The Chamber campaign, students should have
experience or talent in any of the following fields:

  • Digital design
  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Video production and editing
  • Social media management
  • Website design

The Change The Chamber campaign is occurring mainly on social media, and selected fellows will have the opportunity to create digital content
targeting the US Chamber of Commerce and their member corporations. The students will have assignments, but also have large amounts of creative
freedom with projects. If accepted, applicants can start immediately.

Time Commitment and Location

Duration: At least 2 months.  Most Fellows stay for one year.

Hours: 10 -20 hr/week during school breaks and negotiable for reduced hours during school year , flexible to decide your own working hours

Location: Remote


To apply (or ask questions), send a email describing experience with
requirements (digital design, graphic design, video production, animation,
social media management, or website design) to Leo at