Burlington Progressive Party mayoral candidate debates and caucus

Burlington Progressives just announced their process for nominating a candidate for Mayor of Burlington and I would like to invite you to participate in the nomination process! Over the next few weeks we will host a series of candidate forums focused on issues impacting our city. Then, on December 1st, we will hold our nominating caucus to choose the Progressive candidate for Mayor of our city. To vote in the caucus please register at progressiveparty.org/newdirectionbtv before December 1st.

Two candidates have already announced that they are seeking the Progressive nomination, Councilor Max Tracy and Councilor Brian Pine, so your vote and participation is really important. You can find out about the announced candidates at the link above.

The first forum will take place Wednesday, November 11th at 5:30pm and will focus on climate and environmental justice. The facilitators included Councilor Zoraya Hightower and Emma Page with the Sunrise Movement. You can watch that forum on the Progressives webpage – progressiveparty.org/newdirectionbtv

The second forum will take place on Wednesday, November 18th, at 6:00pm and will focus on racial and social justice issues. The facilitators will include Mohamed Jafar and Mohamed Abdi of the Black Perspective.

The final forum will take place on Thursday, November 19th at 6:00pm, and will focus on economic justice issues. It will be facilitated by Grace Odell of NOFA.

All the forums will be live streamed through the Progressive Party’s Facebook page and also recorded and posted to the website. You can find links to stream at progressiveparty.org/newdirectionbtv