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August 25, 2020

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News of the Week

Portland State U Police Discontinue Carrying Firearms

In an effort to reimagine how best to address the continuum of safety on its campus, the university’s Campus Public Safety Office recently decided to patrol campus without carrying firearms beginning this fall. Additionally, the university announced the creation of a safety committee tasked with assessing how to keep campus safe without relying on officers carrying firearms and provide innovative solutions to an array of safety and security needs, including providing basic security and assisting those who are in crisis.

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U Virginia Opens ‘Memorial to Enslaved Laborers’

Designed by Thomas Jefferson and built by enslaved people, the University of Virginia in Charlottesville recently completed the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers, recognizing Black workers subjected to slavery and racism and offers a place of healing as well as learning. The circular shape of the memorial echoes broken shackles and also the “ring shout,” a traditional dance of enslaved African Americans.

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U California to Phase Out Single-Use Plastics

As part of a commitment to achieve zero waste, the university recently adopted a policy that will transition UC away from plastic bags in retail and dining locations (by January 2021) and eventually eliminate single-use plastic food service items (by July 2021) and plastic bottles (by January 2023).

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U Pittsburgh Requires Racial Justice Course for First Year Students | William & Mary Establishes Social Justice Policy Initiative | College of the Holy Cross Launches Environmental Justice Prize


Pennsylvania HEIs Partner With Municipalities on Climate Action

Planning & Administration

Insight Into Diversity Announces STEM Award | U Oregon to Remove Murals With Racist Imagery | Davidson College Issues Apology for Benefiting From Slavery

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AASHE Discussion Series Recap: Racial Equity, Social Justice & Sustainability

During the month of August, AASHE led a discussion series about how the sustainability community is collaborating to advance racial equity and social justice (RESJ), and to discuss the intersection of sustainability with RESJ. Register now for today’s recap webinar, happening from 3 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern, which will provide a recap of the discussion series and reflections on moving forward. Presenters are V.S. (Raghu) Raghavan, director of sustainability and associate director of the Miller Worley Center for the Environment at Mount Holyoke College, and Shá Duncan Smith, assistant vice president and dean of Inclusive Excellence and Community Development at Swarthmore College. Today’s moderator is AASHE’s Kimberly Smith, director of Marketing, Meetings and Membership.

This Way to Sustainability Call for Proposals

The planning committee of the This Way to Sustainability online conference, using the theme Resilience from the Ground Up: Strengthening Diversity in Soil, Communities and Economies, encourages presentation and poster submissions. This Way to Sustainability, happening March 25-26, 2021, is a student-run conference focusing on challenges, ideas, solutions and resiliency in planning a sustainable future. Proposals are due Nov. 1.

New Resources

Carbon Pricing Approaches for Climate Decisions in U.S. Higher Education

This open access article, “Carbon pricing approaches for climate decisions in U.S. higher education: Proxy carbon prices for deep decarbonization”, analyzes a range of internal carbon price tools in use by 11 higher education institutions in the U.S. and discusses tradeoffs. It also discusses how schools can collaborate and experiment with these tools to help drive good climate decision-making and inform climate policy at larger scales.

Smart Labs Toolkit

The Smart Labs Toolkit describes a systematic process that helps laboratory owners and operators plan and cost-effectively achieve safe, efficient and sustainable laboratories. The toolkit includes results of best practices and lessons learned from the Better Buildings Smart Labs Accelerator. It helps organizations implement a Smart Labs program by following distinct phases that include specific tasks and resources proven to deliver high performance labs, support efforts of key stakeholders, and maximize benefits for the organization.


AASHE Discussion Series Recap: Racial Equity, Social Justice & Sustainability
Aug. 25, 2020 (3:00 p.m. Eastern) – Online

Endowment 101 Webinar
Aug. 26, 2020 (Noon Eastern) – Online

AASHE/SCC Webinar: Sustainability Education in the Food-Energy-Water-Nexus
Aug. 26, 2020 (3:00 p.m. Eastern) – Online

Education for Sustainable Development & the World Beyond COVID-19
Sept. 9, 2020 (6:30 a.m. Eastern) – Online

AASHE Webinar: Higher Education for Sustainability after the Sh*t Hits the Fan
Sept. 9, 2020 (3:00 p.m. Eastern) – Online

Environmental Justice Hackathon
Sept. 12, 2020 – Sept. 13, 2020 – Online

University Global Coalition Virtual Gathering
Sept. 21, 2020 – Online

Toward Carbon Neutrality in Higher Education: Pathways to a Net-Zero Future
Sept. 24, 2020 (3:00 p.m. Eastern) – Online

Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education
Oct. 20, 2020 – Oct. 22, 2020 – Online

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Jobs & Internships

PLAN Zero Waste Atlas Fellowship | Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)


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