Vermont Family Forest’s Eating the Forest Video Series, Part 2

EATING THE FOREST video series:
Savoring the forest’s spring bounty with herbalist Ali Zimmer

Part 2 of our video series with herbalist Ali Zimmer is hot off the press! In it, you’ll learn how to carefully harvest eight edible/medicinal ephemeral spring plants–from yarrow to wild leeks–with techniques that keep you and the forest healthy and vital. That’s mutually beneficial relationship at its best.

Virtual forest walk with herbalist Ali Zimmer

This week, Ali takes us into her backyard forest in Lincoln, Vermont, to show us eight edible/medicinal spring ephemerals. In this 13-minute video, you’ll learn how to recognize and carefully harvest yarrow, nettle, wintercress, ground ivy, daylily, wood sorrel, blue cohosh, and wild leek.

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Virtual forest walk with herbalist Ali Zimmer

This 11-minute video is our first in a series of virtual forest walks with herbalist and naturalist Ali Zimmer. She’ll introduce you to four spring wildflowers–hepatica, wild ginger, dandelion, and coltsfoot–and describes their uses in food and medicine.

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Chainsaw Training Courses, Autumn 2020

We’ve rescheduled our spring Game of Logging classes for September and early October. Check out our new line-up. In addition to Game of Logging Levels 1-3, we’re also offering a new course, Basic Chainsaw Use and Safety for Beginners.

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