Stay up to date with current state voting deadlines

Champlain students,

As we navigate the many changes happening as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of showing up for one’s community and engaging with the world around you (even if predominantly through digital means). Voting is a key way to have an impact on your community, and Champlain College is committed to helping students make their voices heard in 2020.

Be a voter and sign up for TurboVote to receive assistance with the voter registration and vote-by-mail processes, as well as ongoing updates about elections at the local, state, and national level.

If you’ve relocated away from campus, sign up for TurboVote—again, if needed—to begin the process of registering to vote at your permanent home address (if you’d like) and/or requesting a by-mail ballot. During signup, indicate your preference to vote by mail, and follow the steps provided on the confirmation screen and/or in subsequent notifications to submit your state’s absentee ballot request form. You can also opt-in to TurboVote mailings and enter the address where you wish to receive any election-related forms you need.

Sign up & take steps to participate in our democracy today!

Stay safe, and be well.


Christina Erickson

Center for Service & Sustainability

Our partners at TurboVote created this resource for vote-by-mail policies by state

Be sure to update your information (or sign up for the first time!) with TurboVote at

The COVID-19 State Election Changes sheet now has a tab for vote-by-mail policies by state, including updates as states make changes because of COVID-19. Take a look for a 50-state overview of voting by mail to help you support student voters dispersed nationally.