Sustainability Job at USM

I’m looking for applicants for our sustainability education & outreach coordinator position, as we are unfortunately losing Chelsea Malacara at the end of the month. This position reports to me, and has a number of exciting responsibilities, including supervising our Eco-reps team, overseeing student projects, creating outreach material, and managing our surplus program. It is a 12-month, regular position.
The University of Southern Maine has three campuses (all of which are served by this position), including Gorham, Lewiston, and Portland. Portland was rated the restaurant city of the year in 2018 by Bon Appetit. This small, coastal city is an incredible place to live with lots of recreation activities, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and a community feel. Gorham and Lewiston are more inland and close to excellent hiking and skiing opportunities. 
USM is on an exciting path for sustainability, as we embark on building one of the largest Passive House buildings in North America and engage in our biggest energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the school’s history. We also had our Strategic Sustainability Plan endorsed by the Master Planning Committee, and our President did his Ph.D. dissertation in campus sustainability. More about our initiatives and direction can be found in our 2020 progress report
The job description can be found at the following link. To apply, please scroll all the way to the bottom of the posting:

Review of materials will not begin until the application deadline of April 12th. 

Aaron Witham
Assistant Director of Facilities Managementfor Sustainability

Facilities Management
25 Bedford Street, Portland, ME
Office: 207-780-5947
Cell: 207-210-0304

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