Interdisciplinary Brainstorming Opportunity with the EMC

Interdisciplinary Brainstorming Opportunity: Open to all!

The Emergent Media Center is hosting a Brainstorm/Question Storm event with Leon Walls (UVM faculty) in March or April to explore the potential of creating a tool for research purposes with 3rd-5th graders that would measure implicit bias as it relates to the identification of scientists (e.g. judging who can be a scientist based on outward appearance). 

We are actively seeking students, along with faculty and staff for this brainstorm session. All will be offered food during the event and students get a bonus $25 gift card for their participation. Participants can come from any field of study… the more diverse group, the better!

The event will be roughly 2 hours and the date will be scheduled based on participant availability. Please share with your students. If you are interested or have questions, reach out to Jen Adrian or fill out this availability form.

Sarah Jerger  |  Interim Director
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Emergent Media Center, Champlain College