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February 2020The Digest from CSWD: Food for action.

The sweetest of Valentine’s Day wishes to you!

Somehow Valentine’s Day and solid waste management do not strike me as a match made in heaven. Valentine’s Day is mushy cards, fancy dinners, decadent chocolate, roses, and champagne. The following week, though, is sorted paper, mushy food scraps, wilted flowers and hard-to-recycle glass. At least, that’s how it looks on our end!

So the question is, can being waste conscious be romantic? I think I have some ideas.

1. Pass on the store-bought card and leave a loving voice message or send a romantic email. You may laugh, but I bet you’ll be a lot more likely to read or listen to that heart-warming missive than to save that card.

2. Purchase personalized sweets. Instead of buying that plastic-wrapped heart stuffed with chocolates, buy a few special sweets and put them in a decorative reusable jar. Add a pretty ribbon and this sweet gift can be reused!

3. Give a hardy houseplant instead of uninspiring roses. A houseplant will stick around for a long time if cared for properly. Not “pretty” enough for you? Many houseplants flower – think Christmas Cactus, Peace Lilies, Jasmine, and African Violets! At the very least, compost those roses when they have lost their bloom. Just add them to the food scrap bins at Green Mountain Compost or your local CSWD Drop-Off Center if you don’t compost at home.

4. Bubbles not balloons. Balloons are an ecological nightmare. Despite what you might read in the marketing blurbs, balloons are neither recyclable nor compostable, and the term “biodegradable” is meaningless. A mason jar full of homemade bubbles is a fun alternative. No matter how old I get, blowing bubbles always makes me smile.

I love the options above because they are unique. My most beloved gifts are the ones that took a little more thought. So the answer is a resounding yes, being waste conscious can make you more romantic. Enjoy those chocolates; I know I will!

Alise Certa
Marketing & Communications Manager


Statewide Food Scraps Campaign Launches: Let’s Scrap Food Waste!

Eat what you buy. Compost the rest. This month, Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation launched its “Let’s Scrap Food Waste” campaign to raise awareness of the upcoming July 1, 2020 food scrap ban. Visit to view their commercial featuring CSWD’s own Dan Goossen (Green Mountain Compost). The website also offers great information on your options and tips to reduce your food waste!


Looking to purchase Compost, Topsoil, or Garden Mix this Spring?

A reminder that Green Mountain Compost is no longer offering delivery service or small volume pick-up. Don’t worry! We are still producing great product and working with local garden centers and contractors in order to make it available to you.

Many of of these businesses offer delivery services and smaller volume pick-up. Check out the Where-to-Buy page on our website and give them a call today!

Where to buy Green Mountain Compost

Sign Up for CSWD Text Alerts

CSWD now offers text alerts to keep you up to date on Drop-Off Center closures/delays and other critical information.

In an effort to communicate important information to our customers more quickly, we now are offering a text alert service. CSWD will use this service to send facility or emergency information only. You will be able to opt out of the alerts at anytime via your phone.

To sign up for the service, please take the following steps:

  1. Please text CSWDAlerts to 474747 on your cell phone. You enter 474747 like you would a telephone number. CSWDAlerts is the actual text you send.
  2. A message from CSWDAlerts will be sent to you that verifies you are signed up.
  3. If you choose to opt out of our alerts, please text the word STOP to 474747 at any time.

If you have questions or comments about this service, please call Alise Certa at 802.872.8100 x 246.

How do I get rid of…?

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Plastic bags or film   . Tires

Got a question? Just ask our A-Z list! From donation & recycling options to the landfill (last resort), we can tell you what to do with just about anything.

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