Join us! Caring for our Home Grounds–A Commons Conservation Congress for Vermont’s Center-West Ecoregion

Calling all Commoners!
Roll up your sleeves and join the conversation~

A Commons Conservation Congress
for Vermont’s Center-West Ecoregion

Saturday, November 2, 8:30am – 1:00pm
Mount Abraham Union High School, Bristol, VT
Suggested donation $15, includes t-shirt and lunch

We’re in a time of climate crisis. The natural communities we live in and depend on here at home are under intense stress. Essential parts of our home grounds—namely air, water, and wildlife—are unbounded and unowned, shared by all of us. They are commons. In large part, we’ve entrusted the care of these commons to government agencies, subject to political tides and funding priorities. It’s time for we the people to assume our right and responsibility as commoners to care for the life-sustaining commons in our home ecoregion. 

Much good commoning work is underway here in Vermont’s Center-West Ecoregion. We can do much more. Join Vermont Family Forests for a conversation on November 2 as we take stock of commons conservation in our home place and imagine effective, creative, collaborative next steps.

Come roll up your sleeves, share ideas, and imagine effective next steps.

To learn more about the Commons Conservation Congress:

Hope to see you there!