Emergent Media Master’s courses open to upperclassmen

We have a couple of Emergent Media Master’s courses that may be of interest to your advisees as electives, specifically seniors and/or particularly academically precocious juniors. In some CCM majors, these can be substituted as major-specific electives. All these courses require hand-registration, so make sure that you or your advisee email me directly if interested.
EMM 540: Technology as a Disruptive Force; Mondays 12:30-3:15
In today’s society where our work, fun and personal connections are managed and influenced by technology, have you ever wondered how technology will shape your future? We will explore how technological innovation has been viewed over time by philosophers, writers and sociologists. Which perspectives hold true today? What about present-day perspectives? Do you think they will hold true tomorrow? How do we imagine that society and ultimately our place within will be affected day-by-day as technology continues to advance?
This is a seminar-style course, similar to a core class. Engaging in readings, discussions (both in person and online) and writing are the primary methods used in the course.  
EMM 570: Play and Participation; Wednesdays 12:30-3:15
Computers are profoundly changing the essential human experience of communication, participation, and play. 
Games, apps, and websites are built with surrounding social networks and the tools to create community. What is the DNA that creates engagement? How do these systems address human needs and shape social space? We will look at these questions through a variety of lenses including: mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics; digital identity; the history of play; and how participatory networks and their users, shape each other. 
This course uses a mixture of studio-based projects and reading/discussion. Would be a great match for students interested in game or interactive design/art. 
EMM 600: Puzzles and Prototypes; Mondays 9:30-12:15
Much like a traditional artist creates quick sketches that influence the masterpiece, students will generate rapid prototypes to explore interactive solutions and games. Working individually or in teams they will create weekly solutions or iterations to design puzzles. Prototyping activities will rely on research and testing in the design process. Various methods covered will include paper prototyping, mind mapping, participatory design, mini-game format, agile development, etc. Evaluating pros and cons of methods and results, students will learn to match method to scope and complexity of a design problem.
This course is primarily a studio-based course, and takes full advantage of the rapid prototyping resources at Generator. Would be a great match for students interested in entrepreneurship or any kind of art/design. 
Let me know if you have any questions about these offerings.
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