Climate Internships and November Lobby Actions

Citizens’ Climate Education is currently accepting applications for Spring and Summer 2020 interns. We have 15 positions available, in policy and advocacy, outreach and engagement, and communication and education. Some are remote, some are onsite. Some are paid, some are unpaid. Please see details here:
Below are actions we invite students (and non-students) to take in November to help us build political will for climate action:
On November 12, over 800 concerned citizens will visit their members of Congress in Washington DC to ask for action on climate change on November Lobby Day. Can you help amplify their message by doing the following?
Call Congress November 6: Join us on November 6 for Call Congress Day to tell Congress that you want action climate change. Use our calling tool to get the phone numbers of your members of Congress, see a script of what to say, and log your call.
Tweet Congress November 12: Tweet Congress on November 12 to demand climate action.

Student Testimonials: For people under 30, share your testimonial about carbon pricing via The testimonials will be shared with members of Congress and on CCL’s Instagram.
Spring semester opportunities include Conservative Lobby Day, regional climate conferences, the National Conference and Lobby Day in DC in June, and April’s Solve Climate by 2030: Solar Dominance + Civic Action.
These and other opportunities are in the October Newsletter. In order to receive our monthly newsletter, please fill out this form. 
Thank you for your interest in climate civic engagement! 
Clara Fang 
Higher Education Outreach Coordinator 
Citizens’ Climate Lobby