ANEW Place Volunteer Opportunities & Fundraising Event

At ANEW Place, our mission is to provide a holistic continuum of services for the homeless, centered in love and dignity, fostering growth, cultivating community engagement, and providing the tools for lifelong change so that each person may start anew. We help provide those who are homeless with temporary housing, and they all receive case managers who help them move towards independent living, and accomplishing their dreams and goals.

For volunteering, one of the best ways to get involved here at ANEW Place, is to make and share a meal with our guests. A lot of times, we have families, or groups, or students, make a meal for 25 people and bring it to our location for dinner, and we all share it together. There is also an option to order catering for a meal, and have it brought to ANEW Place! This is an important process that helps to ensure the guests staying at ANEW Place have food to eat every night:

We also have a very important, and very fun event coming up quite soon, our Rock Paper Scissors Tournament Fundraiser at Artsriot! There will be pizza, fun little gift bags, and a $500 grand prize (as well as the most intense rock-paper-scissors playing known to human-kind). It’s $20 / individual, and $100 for a team to register. This fundraiser is essential to ANEW Place’s continued provision of housing, care, and services, so we are hoping for a big turnout to our fun event this October 16th, from 6pm-9pm! We would absolutely love it if your students were interested in assembling some teams, and coming out to have fun, and helping to support our organization: .