CDVT is Looking for Student Leaders

My name is Hannah King and I’m reaching out on behalf of the College Democrats of Vermont (CDVT).

As a state federation of the College Democrats of America, the CDVT is dedicated to making sure our political system is working for young people and students. Founded last year, our group has been advocating our progressive platform to elected and party leaders while building an infrastructure for getting young people engaged in making sure their government is accountable to them. Now more than ever, we need an organization like ours diving into the political fray headfirst, ready to meet the challenges and obstacles present in our politics.

As Champlain College Democrats are just getting started, we’re looking to find capable students that are interested in joining our organization. Do you know of any students that you could recommend or connect us with that may be interested?

In our current political climate, the Democratic Party has pushed Criminal Justice reform and environmental policy incentives to the forefront of importance. Both are incredibly important as, students majoring within the Department of Education and Human Studies would heavily benefit from becoming involved with Champlain College Democrats. The goal is to connect students with opportunities that would allow for engagement within campaigns, and other Democratic activities which would exercise the use of collaborating as a team, putting to work their background in criminal justice and environmental policy, working in an environment based on social responsibility, and a variety of other experiences. If no immediate students come to mind, forwarding along this email to any email lists would be greatly appreciated.

Hannah King
Deputy Executive & Communications Director CDVT