Opportunity in Haiti

I am making a video for a non-profit bakery in Les Cayes and they informed me that they are looking for a couple volunteers (housing, insurance, and $300 a month stipend provided). If you know any recent grads that would be interested please send them my way. The organization is Notre Dame Mission Volunteers (totally secular group). The position is as short as 3 months as long as 12.  French helpful, but not required.
Here is a more full description:
I write to you since you expressed interest in the possibility of serving in Haiti. You took some precious time at the February meeting in Baltimore to attend the session on To find out about some of the efforts at the Notre Dame bakery in Haiti.    I have been  serving there for the last few years.  We really need help.

You might consider 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or more please get in touch.  We need people to help the bakery workers and sellers develop their potential.  That is about 40 workers.  We want to start “classes”. That is, one on one and small group instruction in computer, English, and business math
during  and after work.

As a new business we are still working on improving what we do and thinking about how to grow our efforts .  We know there are some ways we might develop if we had some extra hands and creativity.  Come join us…it’s super fun and challenging.  Bring flexibility and adaptability…you will need more of that than you thought you had.

We hope to start a small cafe soon.  Surely we will need some help.  Maybe you have some experience working in a small restaurant.  You might be able to advise or perhaps you want to lend a hand launching this new effort.

Finally, we need someone who loves finances or loves to learn finances.  Ross is well over the 9 month stint and he would welcome someone with a finance background or willingness to be trained by Ross.  Let us know if you want to engage in a conversation about the work that Ross leads

You might wonder why are we doing a bakery/cafe.  The Haitian people wanted jobs.  They suggested a bakery….they were right we produce and sell
about 1200 bags of bread a day. You can catch sight of this in our video on the web page.  To learn about resilience and resourcefulness come see the Haitian people.  You will be amazed and challenged.

Thank you for reading this note and considering this special service opportunity.  To get more info visit our web page at www.ndmva.org  I hope to hear from you.  If other plans have arisen, please pass this note onto someone you think would welcome another engaging  service-challenge in the coming year.  Thank you so much.

Cheers and thanks,
Assistant Professor
Visual and Performing Arts: Film/Video & Photographic Arts
Champlain College
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