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Help Build A New App To Put Lake Champlain Water Information At The Fingertips of Every Burlington Citizen

A free application being built by, and for, the Burlington community will let anyone get Lake Champlain water quality information quickly from a phone or other device.

Your input is needed to make this app a model for the state!

HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED?We’ll be conducting 45-minute guided interviews about your Lake Champlain activities and what kind of water data you want to see. Whether you swim, fish, or use water-quality information for business or environmental management, your input is important to us. 

We will guide the discussion and define software user stories in the following format –As a {user role}, I want to {what I want to do in app} so that I can {reason for feature}.  Attend in person at 12 North Street or remotely via Zoom teleconference.  If you cannot join any of these times, but still want to participate, please send an email



WHO WE ARE The IoT Conduit and Code for BTV are combining forces to join smart city technology domain experts with civic coders and project managers to build an app.  It is our ultimate goal to make water quality transparent in Burlington as a model for the rest of the state.

WHY BUILD USER STORIES ?  Instead of a traditional civic hackathon, we are in it for the long run to build solid code that gets used.  While most want to know the water quality in general, that itself does not define what an app does and looks like and there are multiple stakeholders: swimmers, people who fish, city engineers, environmental groups, etc.  That is why we need your help building user stories, the foundations for any good software development.

THEN WHAT ?  After user stories are crafted, Code for BTV will select sprint teams to build code over the course of the year.  Each selected user story will have a stakeholder, project manager, mentor and 2-4 developers based on difficulty.  Monthly check ins and code reviews.  Benefit for coders – learn software development by working with experienced coders using workflow tools and best practices.