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New Carpool Matching Service

We are excited to partner with the State of Vermont in launching the new Go! Vermont App that offers a statewide carpool matching service platform.  CATMA will discontinue its Confidential Carpool Matching Service effective 2/15/19, and we encourage our members to join the Go! Vermont carpool service.

We still provide support to our members who are interested in carpooling, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling our Commuter Assistance line at 881-0283 or email  Employees at CATMA membership will continue to be eligible for our commuter programsincluding Guaranteed Ride Home, rewards, incentives, communications, prizes and Commuter Assistance in planning your travels.

Here’s how to join the Go! Vermont carpool app:

  1. Join online at OR download the “Go! Vermont” app to your smartphone (Search for “Go! Vermont” in the Apple App Store or Google Play)

  2. Complete your profile

  3. Search for other commuters in your area

  4. You can also track your green trips and earn additional reward

VT Bike-Walk Challenge (Winter Edition) 

Get your bike, boots, or shoes ready! The Winter Edition of Local Motion’s Vermont Bike-Walk Challenge starts February 1st!  Simply record two bike or walk commutes in the Go! Vermont App between February 1-8 and you’ll be eligible to win some cool prizes. “Multi-Commutes” also count so if you walk, run or bike to a bus or connect with a carpool, you can record those.  (Running counts as walking for recording purposes). Learn more at

Giving Back to our Community – Donating Bike-Walk Rewards

After hearing from our kind and thoughtful Bike-Walk reward program participants, we now offer participants the option to donate their reward to a charity.  At the end of January, we will have a full year of reward donations collected.  We are looking for your help to determine what (local, regional, state) charity we should support.  Please email us your recommendation. Thank you!

How come commuters prefer the bus – maybe you would too…

“For some folks, it’s because buses can be much cheaper than a car commute. Other people chose the bus to forego the stress of driving on congested roads — and enjoy the down-time relief they feel when someone else is at the wheel.” Read more of this FreePress article here… 

Food for Your Commute

New Go! Vermont App has Launched 

Be one of the early adopters of the State’s new commute platform and download the App!  This service provides a new carpool matching service and commute tracking tool.  CATMA is excited to partner with the State on this new platform, which offers CATMA members an opportunity to seek carpools in a larger database and additional incentives and resources.  Members of CATMA can find a carpool, vanpool and other transportation options at

Winter Driving Tips 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put together an informative set of winter driving tips for winter driving and commuting…–blXyCf_6uTQT7rwJhy8TmwJWYBBPQcvmbg1RNCR7NEcRayNGfOM

Rethinking transportation and the connection to our health

Long commutes and sedentary lifestyles are damaging to personal and public health. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a healthier United States, our transportation network itself can serve as preventive healthcare. Read more…

Chittenden County Transportation Studies and Projects 

There are a number of studies and projects underway.  The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission offers more information on projects below, and we encourage you to provide comments as applicable.

CATMA Commuters Corner

Commuter Stories…

Here’s another great testimonial from one of our commuters. We’ll continue sharing these with you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Please share yours with us!

Thank you for all your sustainable travel efforts!  We’re happy to serve as your one-stop transportation resource.  Remember to check out our website for local commuting events, workshops and opportunities, news and tons of transportation resources.  We welcome any questions, feedback or comments on how we can help improve your commuting experience and options.
Happy Commuting,