Getting Burlington to net zero energy – Building a transportation system that will take us there – Jan. 30

Burlington Ready for 100% is pleased to invite you to another Energy-transition Conversation: Building a transportation system that will take us to net zero energy

In 2015, Vermonters produced 6.92 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per capita in transportation, 15% more than in 1990. Transportation accounts for more of Vermont’s greenhouse-gas emissions than either electricity generation or heating. Jonathan Slason, PE will outline the changes in the components in our transportation system, from bicycles to mass transit, and the programs and policies we can use to get our greenhouse-gas emissions down to a sustainable level.

Jonathan is a Director of Future Mobility Planning at Resource Systems Group, Inc. He provides engineering and planning services focused on current issues in transportation – how we can use emerging technologies to create transportation systems that support thriving communities, and that address the challenges of a changing climate, limited financial resources and aging infrastructure.

When and Where?

Wednesday, January 30, 6:30-8 pm

Center of Recreation and Education (CORE), O.N.E. Community Center

20 Allen Street, Burlington

Free pizza! Come hungry!! Please RSVP (and choose the kind of pizza you want) by clicking here.

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