DREAM is hiring for summer and full time AmeriCorps positions. Any assistance is appreciated!

This month, DREAM has started its recruiting efforts for our Summer 2019 AmeriCorps positions and our 2019-20 full time AmeriCorps positions. 

These are our members who directly serve our volunteers and youth in our communities every day.  We value serving members of each of your communities and have found the most rewarding, connected, invested and productive experiences we can provide happen when members of the community are able to find employment or service opportunities with our organization.  For this reason, we are reaching out to each of you for any assistance you may be able to provide in promoting our positions to your community or your network.  Just a few clicks of a button can be very helpful in spreading the word and finding folks who want to serve.  Some suggestions and details follow (with easy, clickable links), and we appreciate anything you can do to help us put together the best team we can to serve our communities.
Suggestions for helping to promote:
  • include our available positions in your next community, staff or partners meeting
  • “share” our social media post(s) from your organizational or personal profiles (FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn)
  • while you are on our social pages, give us a “follow” so you get up-to-date information!
  • post fliers (attached) on community bulletin boards or circulate at meetings
  • if you have an online job board, please post our positions
  • circulate our flier (attached) to your email network

Positions for which we are recruiting (all descriptions and application available at dreamprogram.org/work-with-us)

Michael Ewan 

Chief Operations Officer

The DREAM Program, Inc.

Office:  (802) 338-8979

Mobile:  (843) 568-8979



Our mission is to close the opportunity gap for children in low-income housing.


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