Thinking different: Stories of seeing transportation in a whole new light

Donuts and Hogwarts: Travel training makes a difference
Bethany Fleishman of VItal Communities recounts an outing with first -time riders to introduce them to bus travel in the Upper Valley.
Deciding to Stop
Wilmot Irish writes about his decision to stop driving at the age of 87.
Building the Other Infrastructure
Bruce Lierman writes about what cyclists need in addition to infrastructure–a confident mindset.
Man with a Plan:  A quicker, cheaper way to build commuter rail
Julie Campoli describes an effort to jump start commuter rail the “Vermont way.”
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We welcome short essays and reports from the field from policy makers, transportation and land use planners, housing and health advocates, citizen activists and others working on issues affecting sustainable mobility, as well as regular folks who live with the impacts of our transportation system every day.

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