New Dream newsletter: Working Together, More Meaningful Holidays, and Questioning Consumption

Dear New Dreamer,

Over the past month, the daily demands from the world of news and politics have been overwhelming, to say the least. Now is the perfect time to recenter our attention on more of what matters: truth, justice, love, and equity. New Dream is refining a shift in focus to help you do just that (read all about it here), and we’re eager for your feedback. If you haven’t yet, please take our 3-minute survey to share your thoughts. Thank you!

As we enter the frenetic year-end holiday season, simplify your holidays with our timeless and useful Simplify the Holidays resources. You’ll find a multitude of ideas for creating more meaning, as well as a brand new resource to bring these ideas to others in your community. However you celebrate (or don’t), we hope this time of year is filled with warmth and joy!

The New Dream Team

How do you question consumption?

As a New Dreamer, you are part of a movement of truth and change. Support New Dream with your tax-deductible gift and join us in exploring the outsized impacts of consumption and in lifting up the voices and solutions of young people.


Your Recipe for Simpler Holidays

Concerned about waste and stress this holiday season? Let us help you! Simplify the Holidays has everything you need to focus on more of what matters—gift ideas, community activations, inspiring stories, and more!


Facilitating a New Dream

Facilitator Selena Cozart explains how our current social and political climate presents us with a unique and irresistible opportunity to engage in discussions of equity and justice.


Changing the Thanksgiving Story

New Dream’s Guinevere Higgins outlines four ways you can think more deeply about your Thanksgiving holiday and create a more authentic and meaningful experience for your family and friends.


Presence Over Presents

New Dream Youth Fellow Sarah Allison shares her experience and faith-based values around keeping the Christmas holiday focused on transformation and healing.


Likable Links

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+ Stopping climate change with forests
+ Addressing climate change may start at home
+ Stop blaming Millennials

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