Old Spokes Home Kick-Off Event – Nov. 8

As you’re likely aware, the Community Bike Workshop (the non-profit arm of Old Spokes Home that provides refurbished bikes at reduced prices to people of low income) and the Old Spokes Home retail shop are moving from their separate locations to the site of the former Good News Garage, meaning that all customers – regardless of income – will access OSH services through the same door.  Not only is this important from an equity standpoint, the newly renovated space (once complete) will be the second net zero energy building in the city, advancing our City’s Net Zero Energy strategy.  This also means that OSH will have more retail space to support the electric bike program – one of BED’s NZE initiatives.

All that said, I wanted to be sure you were aware of next Thursday’s celebration, and the launch of the capital campaign (invite attached).  We’d love to have you join us, and to celebrate what we know will be an important asset to Burlington, while reducing greenhouse gases from transportation and advancing biking and equitable transportation.