National Climate Seminar: Young Climate Voters and Carbon Pricing – 10/17

Join Bard CEP on October 17th for a conversation with Page Atcheson Matilsky, Executive Director at Our Climate.

The topic: Political engagement among young voters and mobilizing in support of carbon pricing and climate change, with a focus on the Carbon Pricing initiative on the ballot in Washington State.

Page Atcheson, Executive Director, has been a climate advocate for six years. She co-founded a statewide chapter while earning an environmental studies honors degree from the University of Vermont, and then moved to Montana to organize for the Northern Plains Resource Council. After serving as Oregon Climate’s deputy director, Page recently managed field efforts for a statewide legislative campaign, where she recruited and coordinated a team of 30 organizations to build strong and diverse grassroots support for comprehensive climate policy. She recently returned to Our Climate to direct the organization’s national expansion.

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