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Sustainable Transportation Vermont

Sustainable Transportation in Rural Vermont —  Gina CampoliA rural Vermont town’s transportation officials’ responsibilities used to be pretty straight forward – keep the roads clear of snow and passable during the winter, maintain bridges and culverts, and grade gravel roads. While those primary responsibilities remain, there’s now much more for towns to address…continue reading

Craftsbury General Store, Photo Credit Hartford Courant

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Electric Cars are not THE Answer
I spent ten years managing an electric car project in Vermont in the 1990s. After my good friend Harold Garabedian and our talented EV mechanic, Steve Miracle, I probably logged more EV miles in the 90s then anyone in Vermont. It was great work at the time, the cars were fun and peppy and we… continue reading
Living Car-Free…

Three recent college graduates discuss living car-free and their vision for a transportation future where cycling is safe, transit is frequent and places are walkable.  We asked them questions about where they want to live and what the like about their car-free approach. We start with Lev McCarthy, a 2016 UVM graduate now working as a project coordinator with the Boston Greenways….…continue reading

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Montpelier is in the running for $5 million energy efficiency national prize
See article here and also read the posting by Dan Jones of the Sustainable Montpelier Coalition and their transportation goals to reduce parking and free up new green space for city residents.

Groups unveil new carbon pricing plan —  the ESSEX plan to put a price on pollution. Read more here. 

After months of construction, the waterfront section of the Burlington Bike Path called the Burlington Greenway  opened on December 24th. This phase of the project is Burlington’s biggest ‘depaving’ project ever.

As a sign of its commitment to pedestrians, Brattleboro is considering adding a second sidewalk plow. 

Speaking of Brattleboro, town resident David Cohen describes strategies to reduce automobility in a recent posting here