Looking for part-time civic engagement coordinator for digging into the Cambrian Rise project threatening North Beach (VT)

Part-time Job Opening: Fact Finder and Civic Organizer for the Lake

Looking for paid part-time researcher / civic coordinator for helping Burlington citizens
understand the impact of all the newly permitted and pre-permitted developments on the
health of Burlington’s Lake Champlain waterfront. Ten hours per week to start. Skills to
include passion for science, inclusive & transparent government, a love for water quality
and the understanding of how to get an initiative up and running faster.

Duties include:
– Understanding current stormwater permitting done at city and state level for past
2 years
– Documenting change of events in permitting process of the Cambrian Rise
– Understanding and communication of details of ACT 250 including loopholes
– Navigating legacy permitting communications tools
– Setting up proper organization structure
– Scheduling meetings, attending and taking notes
– Educating public on process and status through easy to use website
– Putting together summary papers

Key attributes:
– Positive outlook
– Organized
– Level-headed
– Ability to work with those who are not
– Ability to communicate clearly
– Ability to communicate with those who are not good at it
– Ability to herd cats
– Ability to make flyers better looking than this one

– Office at 12-22 North Street.
Contact: AJ Rossman at aj@smartrl.com