Local Motion’s Basic Everyday Bicycling Workshop (AND FREE PIZZA!) – April 15

“Sure, I’d use my bikes for errands, to go shopping, or to go to work, it wasn’t for _____________.”

We all have our reasons.  The fact is, many of us would like to bike more often.  Whatever is getting in your way, you can find help from Local Motion’s Everyday Bicycling Project.

What IS Everyday Bicycling?

Everyday Bicycling doesn’t necessarily mean riding your bike every day.  It’s about making the choice to leave your car behind when you can, in favor of getting outside, exercising, and saving gas!

Take an Everyday Bicycling workshop, and learn how to make running errands more fun!

WHAT:  “Everyday Bicycling” Workshop

WHEN:  Saturday, April 15, 6:307:30 PM

WHERE:  Robert Miller Community and Recreation Center located at 130 Gosse Court in Burlington

COST:  Free!  (there will also be free pizza and drinks!)

TO REGISTER:  Visit bit.ly/EverydayBicycling and fill out the online registration form

Sign up today for this FREE workshop!  In just one short hour, you will learn:

  • What gear you need (and don’t need) to stay safe and comfortable
  • How to make sure your bike is in good shape for Everyday Bicycling
  • How to map out a route that fits with your available time and comfort level
  • How to “read” the street and ride safe under a range of conditions

Best of all, you’ll come away with some FREE GEAR to outfit you right, plus access to one-on-one coaching to get you ready for your first bike errand.

Don’t miss this opportunity — register today!  bit.ly/EverydayBicycling