Organic Garden!

Champlain College Community Garden!

When I was a little girl I had a knack for growing things. For example, one summer morning I woke up and decided to plant squash. I plodded out to a random patch of soil on our property and went straight to work weeding and planting; the motivation of an eight year old always astounds me. Now some might look at me and say that my parents were secretly helping me behind my back, but I definitely remember waking up each day to water and tend to my yellow beauties

I’m not sure why I didn’t continue planting as I got older, I suppose it was more hip to lay out by the pool with my friends, but lately I’ve been getting the growing bug. I blame my increasing interest in wanting to become closer to the environment and my fast realization that buying something I can create myself is just plain silly.

Luckily for me, this spring Champlain College will be starting up an organic community garden! Students staying over the summer are allowed to apply for a plot. Each plot will be 4’ X 8’ and will cost $10 for students and $20 for faculty. Those interested in growing food to be donated will have their fee waived.

Does it seem a bit daunting? Team up with a friend to split the cost and space! People with no experience gardening are encouraged to apply, as there will seasoned vets on hand willing to share their gardening tips, stories, and manual labor battle scars. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. All we ask is that you follow the rules outline. Some are: keep the garden organic, make sure the plot doesn’t become overrun with weeds, and commit to attending at least two garden help sessions. Plus you get to be creative and name your plot; I’m partial to The Beet Grows On.

E-mail Christian Erickson, director of Sustain Champlain, with any further questions. What isn’t awesome about having organic produce (without the organic costs) and really knowing where your food is coming from?