Way to Go, May 4-8

The Way To Go! Commuter Challenge is an annual program encouraging the use of cheaper, healthier, and more earth friendly transportation alternatives… Walk, Bike, Take the Bus, Carpool, or Telecommute.

Last year Champlain College won this challenge in the ‘large employer’ category. Now can anyone say, “DYNASTY!”

Sustain Champlain is also using this opportunity to attempt a second Car Free Campus
Thursday, May 7th.
It is our hope to close down all of the core campus parking lots in the on that day.

All it takes for you to participate is to:
1. Sign up atthe Way to Go websitemake sure you say you work at Champlain College.

2. Plan to Leave your car at home at least one day the week of May 4th – 8th

3. Feel good about green house gases saved from the atmosphere

You can use the following resources to help you plan your commute:
Take the Bus: it’s free on CCTA with a Champlain ID. For schedules and route maps go to: www.cctaride.org
Bike/Walk sign up for the Bike/Walk rewards program at CATMA.
Carpool find a ride using the State of Vermont’s new web based ride share board
or call 1-800-685-RIDE (7433)

More information on how to make carpooling or public transportation work for you will be available at tabling events at the Tax Relief Breakfast next Wednesday, April’s Staff Council meeting, and outside IDX cafeteria during lunch Tuesday, April 21st and Thursday, April 23rd.