Fall 2022 Employee Transportation Update

Hello Fellow Employees,

Please see below for the Fall 2022 Transportation Updates: 


  • Parking permits available to order Tuesday, August 2nd at champlain.thepermitstore.com. 
  • Permit types are the same as last year…”Zone 1” (still free) and “Main Campus”.
    • “Zone 1” still includes free parking at Lakeside and around Main Campus, including City Streets, South House, North House and Sanders Hall.
      • If you want to park closer…
      • Skiff, 158 South Willard St, 371 Main Street and 396 Main Street (all the lots on the north side of campus) are all 50c per hour (with an additional 40c transaction fee per session) between the hours of 8am-4pm, and free after that. 
      • MIC (the Library), Summit, Rowell/Jensen are all $1 per hour (with an additional 40c transaction fee per session) between the hours of 8am-4pm, and free after that.
    • “Main Campus” permit is $200 per semester and allows you to park in ANY of the regular lots (EXCEPT MIC and Skiff) without having to pay any more. 
  • Payment for parking is still made using ParkMobile. Can use the App, website https://parkmobile.io, or call the phone # on the zone sign to make a payment. New signs with all this info coming soon!
  • For Thursday August 25th, First Year Move-In Day Morning…ALL employees are asked to park at either: Lakeside, Non-Closed City Streets, North House or Sanders Hall. All other lots will be used for families moving in and we need every available space. Shuttles will be running at 6am if you choose Lakeside. Arriving after noon?…go crazy. 


  • The Lakeside Shuttle continues to run from now – August 26th on weekdays from 7am-6pm.
  • August 25th and 26th will have special move-in day shuttles all day.
  • The weekend of August 27th and 28th will have one shuttle each day from 8am-8pm.
  • Regular two shuttle service begins on August 29th (the first day of classes) and will service Lakeside, 194 Saint Paul Street and Main Campus on a continuous loop. 7am -10pm weekdays and 10am-8pm weekends. 

GMT City Bus

  • Still operating and still free to ride!
  • Buses have reverted back to the “old” system of route numbers and destinations. For example, the Red Line has gone back to being #1 – Williston.
  • Track any of the GMT buses in the system, see the routes and stops here or on the “Transit” app.

Other Updates & Reminders

  • Sad news…The electric-assist Greenride Bikeshare system is no longer in operation due to Bolt Mobility ceasing its business operations effective July 1. More info here.
  • Sign up for a CATMA membership, regardless of how you get around! Membership allows you to take advantage of our Guaranteed Ride Home program, get rewarded for biking or walking to work, and so much more!
  • For those who walk or bike to campus, there are end-of-trip facilities such as lockers and showers on-campus that you are welcome to use.