Summer 2022 Transportation Update


  • For current, end of semester and summer shuttle updates please see here. This includes Amtrak Shuttle, Senior Week, Commencement and Summer. 

GMT City Bus

  • Still free to ride, any time
  • Between 194SPS and Lakeside use the #5 Pine St line which uses the same stops as Champlain shuttles by 194SPS. There are a couple of stops to choose from that are close to Lakeside in each direction on Pine St. 
  • The #5 Pine St line operates every 30 minutes between 6:30am and 7pm.
  • The #8 City Loop goes down Maple St past Main Campus every 30 minutes too. 
  • Track the bus, see the route and stops here or on the “Transit” app.

Greenride Bikeshare

  • Hubs at CCM, Finney Quad, Saint Paul Street and Lakeside
  • More hubs launching in May with more bikes on the ground
  • Annual memberships are still only $39 for Champlain (only 75 cents per week!!)


  • Summer parking for Residential students is at 175 Lakeside.
  • If you have a spring permit, you are good until late August. 
  • If you need a permit, they are $60 for the summer and can be ordered at Contact if you don’t see the Zone 2 option.
  • This summer, initial construction of the Champlain Parkway will shift access between 115 Lakeside and 175 Lakeside. Feel free to just use the spaces at 175 Lakeside to avoid having to go around construction fences from the 115 Lakeside lot.
  • There is still NO parking at 194 SPS or surrounding streets. If you need daily access to your car at 194SPS, you should look into obtaining a monthly lease somewhere close, at places such as The Hood Plant, Courthouse Plaza (Unified Parking Partners) or City lots.
  • Fall 2022 permits will be available to order August 2nd.