Burlington City & Lake is hiring

Join the Burlington City & Lake Semester program team! We’re looking for an energetic and passionate person who’s excited to work with a diverse group of high school students in our unique, experiential program. This will be an Americorps position on the Education Team at Shelburne Farms with teaching and mentoring roles in BCL and other excellent teen programs.


Shelburne Farms, located in Shelburne, Vermont, is seeking an ECO AmeriCorps Member/Teen Program Education and Outreach Assistant on our Education team to teach and support teen education programs both on and off the Farm. Your primary responsibility will be to co-design, collaboratively teach and provide learning experiences in our partner programs including Burlington City & Lake Semester and Cultivating Pathways to Sustainability. We’re looking for someone who is a collaborative colleague; a passionate educator who can imagine and realize the opportunities of using the city and its natural environment as classroom; a mentor who will communicate effectively with peers and teens to create a respectful learning environment; and a lifelong learner who is excited to grow through self-reflection and receiving feedback from youth, peer educators, and mentors.

Full-Time Americorps Member Benefits*

Living Stipend: $21,335

Education Award: $6,495

Other Benefits: Professional development training, networking opportunities, health care, child care assistance, program support, mileage/meals reimbursement for ECO AmeriCorps-related travel. *VT-DEC administers the member’s living stipend, health care benefits, child care benefits, timesheets, activity reports, and other AmeriCorps and employee-related benefits and documentation.

This position starts late summer 2022. The link is live to apply!